Iowa News from Ruth Anderson Galer Scrapbook
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Transcribed and contributed to Iowa Old Press by Carl Wagner, grandson of
Ruth Anderson Galer

[Page 3 of the scrapbook]

[The whiter shade of paper, more resistant to browning with age, matches
other clippings in the scrapbook that are known to be from Iowa Wesleyan
. The date is unspecified.]

The Home Mission ladies held one of their popular teas yesterday
afternoon, at the lovely home of Mrs. R. S. Galer, which had been kindly
thrown open for the occasion. A goodly number of ladies took advantage of
the occasion to contribute their mite to a worthy cause and at the same time
enjoy a pleasant social hour. The dining room was beautifully decorated
with potted plants, running vines and in the center of the table a large
bowl of pink carnations. Here the fair waiters, Misses Woolson, Meyrs,
Sater and Bowman served light refreshments consisting of lemon ice, cake and
coffee. The souvenirs were a bunch of cranberries tied with green ribbon.
The Mandolin club were present and discoursed sweet music and in addition
Miss Iona Janes and Miss Larue Payne gave two recitations which were enjoyed
by all. The committee in charge of this tea were Mesdames Babb, Mitchell,
Huston and Galer and they are entitled to much credit for the success both
socially and financially.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Galer is one of the ornaments of our city,
convenient in arrangement and beautiful in design and finish. The unanimous
wish of their many friends is that they may enjoy many happy years within
its handsome walls.

[Unidentified Mt. Pleasant newspaper & date.]
Good Program Given and Fine Banquet Served.
Boys Entertain Their Lady Friends in a Royal Manner

The seventeen active members of the Beta fraternity in Iowa Wesleyan gave
their annual fall reception and banquet last evening at the home of Paul

There were sixty in the company which assembled at the hospitable and
attractive Galer home, at the appointed hour of eight. The reception hall
and rooms were decked gaily for the event with college and society pennants
and colors and the atmosphere was propitious for an unusually delightful and
successful college social event, except for the lack of the gracious
presence of the lady of the house—Mrs. Galer having gone to Colorado last

The guests were received by Mr. [R S] Galer, Prof. and Mrs Stephens, Paul
Galer, Clyde Hightshoe, Ray Wilcox, Misses Florence Coolidge, Lavanda
Gardner and Ellen Ball. After a short reception the guests were seated at
three long tables, artistic ?place? cards marking the places for the
company. The tables were daintily attractive, the beauty of linen and
silver being enhanced with the soft light of pink and blue candles and the
delicate green of ferns strewn gracefully on the tables. A beautiful La
France rose lay at the place of each for a favor. A number of Beta song
books were conveniently at hand and both fraternity and college songs were
enthusiastically sung between the courses of the banquet. The six course
menu was exceptionally fine and was gracefully served to the company by
Dorothy Withrow, Exie Dutton, Florence and June Seeley.

The toast program was unusually crisp, bright and entertaining under the
inspiring direction of R S Galer, symposiarch.

The following were the menu and toast program which were enclosed in
attractive menu cards:

Sardines on Lettuce Leaf,
Lemon cube Wafers
Roast Wild Duck, Nut Dressing,
Escalloped Oysters, Hot Biscuit,
Cranberry Jelly
Normandy Salad on Lettuce Leaf,
Orange Jelly, Cheese Rolls,
White and Brown Bread Sandwiches
Creamed Chicken in Patties, Olives,
Plum Pudding, Brick Ice cream
White Grapes
Cheese Wafers Cafe Noir
[Remainder of article not in scrapbook]

[This is a typewritten playbill from an elementary-school program.]
(Presented by the children of the lower grades of Junior High)

Prologue - "Children's Hour". Ethel Williams.
Health Medley - Third, Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grades.
[The following line was written in pencil, apparently by Mrs. Galer.]
Recitation - Crooked Man - Woodrow Lo[last name truncated?]
Dramatization - "Mother Goose in Healthland", by the Kindergarten, First &
[Second Grades crossed out by pencil]
Mother Goose, Ethel Johnson; Tommy Tucker, Ben Galer; Mary, Mary, Lenore
Smith; Tom, Tom, Irvin Smith; Wise Girl, Virginia Craig; Jack Horner,
Richard Lane; Bo-Peep, Virginia Williams; Boy Blue, Arthur Rommel; Bobby
Shafto, Wright Gannett; Scholar, Ruth Woodson; King Cole, LeMar Hoaglin;
Kind Wood, Donald Haviland; Jack & Jill, Jane Hobbs and James Fish.
Recitation - "Ef You Don't Watch Out" - Helen Kitch.
Health Play - "David and the Good Health Elves",
David, David Smouse; Mother, Mary Crane; Fairy, Marjory Lee;
Elves of Rest - John Metcalf; Charles Fish, William Knight.
Elves of Good Things to Eat - William Alvine, Donald Taft, Dale Mason.
Elves of Fresh Air - William Smith, Stanley Looker, George McClain.
Elves of Keeping Clean - David McAllister, Robert Wells, Raphael Fann.
Elves of Sunshine,- Theodore Gregg, Orville Smith, Max Haley.
Sunbeams - Barbara Willeford, Ruth Whittaker, Anna Schliep, Ellen Taft,
Margaret Virden, Genevieve Gregg, Hazel Anderson, Mary Westfall, Mary
Roberts, Lucile Smith, Jane Whittaker, Helen Gray.


[Page 4 of the scrapbook]

[This is the same event as "Reception for Mrs. P. B. Galer," at the end of
page 2, but reported by a different Mt. Pleasant newspaper.]

Reception At Galer Home
Mrs. Queen Allen and Mrs. Mrs. [sic] R. Galer Entertain In Honor of Mrs.
Paul Galer

A large company of ladies were delightfully entertained at a pretty
reception given at the home of Mrs. R. S. Galer on East Washington st.
Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Queen Allen and Mrs. Galer as the hostesses.
Mrs. Paul B. Galer, who came here recently as a bride, was the guest of
honor on this occasion.
The gathering of ladies was very enjoyable in every way. The heat of
the day was forgotten in the cool spacious reception rooms and on the shady
porches and lawn.
As the guests assembled they were greeted in the hall by Misses Fay
Duncan and Lucile Whitney who pinned on each a tiny ribbon bow the color of
which designated the group in which each was to go to the dining room. Mrs.
J. C. McCoid, and Miss May Davis assisted the hostesses in greeting the
incoming guests in the parlors. Mrs. A. W. Miller invited the members of
the various groups to the dining room where brick ice-cream and cake were
served at the hands of Misses Georgia Smith, Isabelle Connell, Miriam
Withrow, Ruth Hall. Mrs. Edwin Johnson and Miss Spahr then directed the
steps of the ladies emerging from the dining room to the lawn east of the
house where chairs and rugs lent themselves to the comfort and sociability
of all. Frappe was served on this grassy retreat, Misses Florence Seeley
and Dorothy Withrow and Misses Julia Allen and Ethel Caris taking turns in
All the guests were rejoiced to meet and extend greetings and welcome to
the bright and attractive bride Mrs. Paul B. Galer. She is already well
known to many of the college people having attended Iowa Wesleyan for
several years. Her winsome social graces will speedily win her hosts of
friends in this community.

[Unspecified newspaper, possibly Wesleyan News; unspecified date.]
The Senior Standard Bearers held their regular monthly meeting at the
home of Selma Dean on Wednesday evening. The hostesses were Selma Dean,
Mary Frances Gregg and Mildred Campbell. There was a good attendance of
members. The following officers were elected for the coming year; President
Elsie Hourihan; Vice President, Louise Wilson; Secretary, Helen Miller;
Treasurer, Florence Leist.
At the close of the business meeting the hostesses served delicious
refreshments, after which the meeting was adjourned.

[Unspecified newspaper, unspecified date]
State Vs. Richmond
A Maiden Address
Richmond Appeals From The Decision of Justice Dugdale In Assault Case—John
Wilson The Prosecuting Witness.

The criminal case of the State of Iowa versus Elmer Richmond on a charge
of assault went to the jury on Friday afternoon. The case arose out of the
wrangle at the feed yard last fall when Elmer Richmond and John Wilson, a
well known farmer of the county, were the principals. The case first came
before Justice Laird and was then transferred to Justice Dugdale's court on
a change of venue. Justice Dugdale found Richmond guilty and he was
sentenced to pay a fine of $25 and costs. From this sentence he appealed to
the district court. The witnesses called were, for the plaintiff, John
Wilson, Maude Wilson, George Thomas, Frank Porter, John King, James Hatch,
Joe Henderson, Ed Craig, Chas. McLeran, John D. Dugdale, T. J. Walker, Capt.
Lot Abraham and Geo. Hodson; for the defense, Evan Ford, Walter Jennings,
Owen Garretson, Ed Martin, Joe Willis, Joe Sherber, Elmer Richmond, Frank
Luckman, Sherman Calhoun, Jas. Leach and Sam Onstott. The defense was that
Richmond dunned Wilson for a debt due him and Wilson attacked him with a
knife so he was bound to defend himself. County Attorney F. S. Finley was
the attorney for the state while Messrs Jas. Hourihan and Paul Galer
appeared for the defense.

A Maiden Effort.

A feature of the trial was the fact that Mr. Paul Galer for the defense,
made his maiden speech before a jury in the district court and created a
very favorable impression. His talk to the jury was short, logical,
convincing and right to the point.
Case To Jury.
At 9:30 this morning the jury received their instructions from the judge
and were dismissed to their deliberations. At the time of going to press no
report had been made by them.

[Unspecified newspaper, unspecified date]
Elmer Wins His Appeal
Was Not Guilty
Well Known Colored Business Man Convicted Of Assault, Was Upon Appeal To
District Court Found Not Guilty

Mr. Elmer Richmond, the well known business man, won his appeal in the
district court. He was fined $25 and costs in Justice Dugdale's court for
assault upon John Wilson in the feed yard several months ago and appealed
his case to the district court. On Saturday morning at 9:30 the judge
instructed the jury and they remained out until late in the evening when
they returned into court with a verdict of not guilty. The defendant was
then discharged. Richmond's attorneys were Messrs Galer and Galer and James
Hourihan. The members of the jury were: Messrs Chas. Tonkinson, E. H.
Cummings, C. O. Elliott, E. Metzger, William Price, John Litzenberg, Frank
Cox, Barton Simmons, P. F. Wenger, O. E. Alberson, Jas. Cornick and Ross

[Unspecified newspaper, unspecified date]
First Half Of Club Entertained Second Half At Dutton Home

Thursday night the first half of the Wednesday club entertained the
second half at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dutton on E. Washington
street. At seven o'clock the guests were seated at small candle lighted
tables and a three course diner[sic] was served by Alice and Dorothy Dutton,
the two small daughters of the home.
After the dinner a series of tableaux entitled "Does it pay to
Advertise?" Each giving an extract[sic] reproduction of illustrations
appearing in well known advertisments[sic]. The following was the cast.
Boston Garters—George Crane
Mortons Sale[sic]—Mrs. F. M. Edwards
Johnson's Baby Talcum—Mrs. Geo. Crane and Geo. Luberger
Old Dutch Cleanser—Mrs Paul Galer
Colorite—Mrs. Edwin Johnson
Swifts Premium Ham—Mr. and Mrs W. H. Evans
Liquid Veneer—Mrs. Clyde Dutton
Cream of Wheat—George Luberger
Williams Shaving Soap—Clyde Dutton
Hole Proof Hosiery—The entire cast
Mr. Fred Waite demonstrated by his clever answers that it does pay to
advertise and for a correct list of answers he was presented with a bunch of
The rest of the evening was spent in cards and music. Miss Alice Dutton
delighted the [guests] with several vocal solas[sic].

[Unspecified newspaper. The year is at least 1918 because Paul's third
child (see reference to "three children") was born 17 March 1918. This
might be part of a larger article about local candidates.]

Mr. Paul B. Galer of Mt. Pleasant has been announced as a candidate for
nomination for County Attorney on the Republican ticket.
Mr. Galer has been practicing law as a member of the well known firm of
Galer and Galer since June, 1913, and as such has had charge of important
business and has won his spurs as a trial lawyer.
Since April 1917 he has been City Solicitor of Mt. Pleasant, in charge
of the city's important legal interests which he has faithfully guarded.
Mr. Galer was raised in this County, was a student in the city schools,
in Howe's Academy and Iowa Wesleyan from which he graduated in 1909.
He studied law at the State University of Michigan and at Iowa City and
is a graduate of the law department of the University of Iowa.
He is married to Ruth Anderson who lived near Pulaski, Iowa, and has
three children.
Mr. Galer if nominated and elected promises to try all criminal cases as
promptly as possible and to give the County business prompt, thorough and
efficient attention.

[Unspecified newspaper, unspecified date]
Two pretty opperettas[sic] were given at the Auditorium by college girls
and little tots of the city. These were decidedly a hit as "fairies:" Glen
Sternberg, Suzanne Stall, Emily Withrow, Helen Morrow, Frances Pyle,
Florence Cole, Elizabeth Palmer, Edith Whiting, Jean Finley, Florence Ross,
Marie Campbell, Ruth Loveland, Clela Campbell, Forence[sic?] Putnam. These
were in the chorus: Bessie Garman, Alice Miller, Bessie Newbold, Ada Redd,
Mrs. Wm. Evans June Seeley, Edna Gardner, Della Ireton, Ruth Willits,
Gorgia[sic?] Schreckengast, Mae Roberts, Margaret Torrence, Edna Elliott,
Julia Allen, Gladys Zinn, Katherine Jannsen, Ethel Lymer, Helen Schell,
Florence Coolidge, Jeanette Buck, Florence Buck, Suzanne Gardner, Ruth
Anderson, Lavanda Gardner, Carrie Powelson, Edith Robertson, Vera
Hassenflug, Katherine Carrons, Henrietta Davis, Mary Torrence, Ullena
Ingersoll, Edith Trowbridge, Elva Potts, Ruth Logan, Josephine Baker.


[Page 5 of the scrapbook]

[Unspecified newspaper. This appeared shortly after the 28 July 1914
accident. Lowell drowned not in a lake, but in a river between two lakes.
For more complete coverage of the accident, see page 1 of the scrapbook.]

Accident Occurs When Boat Upsets on Minnesota Lake

Lowell Anderson of Pulaski, was accidentally drowned while boating on a
lake near Ely, Minnesota, Tuesday. Mr. Anderson and a friend from Chicago
were enjoying an outing on the lake. The boat upset, and the Chicago
gentleman was saved. Mr. Anderson's body has not yet been recovered.
The deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Anderson, of Pulaski. He
was a graduate of Iowa Wesleyan, and was prominent in all the school
activities of that college while there. He was a member of the Beta
fraternity, member of the athletic teams, of the glee club, and a leader in
each of these organizations.

[Mrs. Galer wrote "Bloomfield D(emocrat), Mar. 4th, 1915" beside this
article about her father.]

Hon. R. W. Anderson, representative in the General Assembly, from Davis
county, visited his constituency from Friday until Monday. "Rube," as he is
familiarly known in the "Hairy Nation," is making quite a record for himself
among the legislative Solons of the state, particularly for his fight for
the bill to repeal the law passed by the last general assembly concerning
the election of county superintendents. He stands right on a number of
other important measures, and will doubtless never have cause to regret a
single vote he will have registered during the entire session of the

[The following two undated clippings from unspecified newspapers had no
headings and were probably from social events columns. The first one might
be from a Des Moines newspaper because that is the only Iowa city where I
can find a Capitol Avenue. The Andersons are Ruth Anderson Galer's

Representative and Mrs. R. W. Anderson of Pulaski, Ia., and
Representative and Mrs. P. L. Kepple of Iona are the guests of Mrs. C. M.
Harmount, 1353 Capitol avenue, for the remainder of the winter.


[This clipping might be from the Pulaski Independent because the R. W.
Andersons and C. H. Milligans lived in Pulaski ("this place").]

Last Friday Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Steckel and daughter Josephine, Mrs
Hughes, Ellen and Rachel Taylor, of Bloomfield, Judge and Mrs. Kent Hughes
and family of Lima, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Milliigan [sic] and family and Ralph Covington of this place, enjoyed a
picnic at Anderson Park near Keosauqua.


[This clipping must be from a Society page of a Des Moines paper -- probably
the Register, which might have circulated in Henry County. Because her
father was a state representative, Ruth's parents would have been invited to
this reception. Atkinson (see 2nd paragraph, not related to Ruth) became
Speaker of the House in January 1915, probably for a two-year term, so this
clipping is probably from 1915 or 1916.]

A brilliant climax to the social affairs which have distinguished the
legislative session came last evening when Governor and Mrs. George W.
Clarke tendered an elaborate reception as a courtesy to the supreme judges,
the state officials, the members of the legislature, and all who are members
of the official family and their wives. The affair, which was held at the
Hotel Savery, was carried out with most delightful attention to detail, thus
adding to the enjoyment of an evening which was most charmingly planned.
Over 400 guests were in attendance at the affair.
Governor and Mrs. Clarke were assisted in receiving by Congressman and
Mrs. Solomon F. Prouty, Lieutenant Governor William L. Harding, Mrs. Guy
Logan, Speaker of the House William I. Atkinson, Mrs. Towner, Judge and Mrs.
William D. Evans, Secretary of State and Mrs. W. S. Allen, Treasurer of
State and Mrs. W. C. Brown, Auditor of State and Mrs. Frank S. Shaw, and
Attorney General and Mrs. George Cosson.
The guests were introduced to the receiving line by Adjutant General
Guy Logan.
Throughout the receiving hour a buffet luncheon was served in the
banquet room of the hotel. Here T. Fred Henry's orchestra was stationed and
one of the features of the evening was the programme of music which was
enjoyed during the reception hours and later, when dancing was the diversion
of the evening.
The parlors, lobby and banquet room were all beautifully decorated in
palms, ferns and smilax, the green of the foliage making a pretty background
for the beautiful gowns worn by the women. Another effective touch was in
the full dress uniforms of the governor's military staff.

[Probably from a Society page of the Des Moines Register, unknown date]

Wednesday afternoon at Hoyt Sherman place, Mrs. George Clarke will
again be at home to the legislative ladies and the townswomen. Mrs. Clarke
will be assisted in receiving this week by Mrs. James R. Hanna, Mrs. J. B.
McHose, Mrs. E. E. Lucas, Mrs. Robert Fleming, Mrs. Roy W. Murray, Mrs. E.
Taylor, Mrs. Fremont E. Shortess, Mrs. Oliver O. Spotts, Mrs. Daniel C.
Steelsmith, Mrs. William N. Gilbert, Mrs. R. W. Anderson, Mrs. Sylvester C.
Rees, Mrs. Lewis L. Bingham, Mrs. William O. Coast, Mrs. James C. Craven,
Mrs. Ross C. Gray, Mrs. John F. Herman, Mrs. Frank F. Jones, Mrs. George H.
Jackson, Mrs. David S. Fleck, Mrs. Justin R. Doran, Mrs. James M. Wilson,
Mrs. James W. Bailey, Mrs. John F. Ream, Mrs. Herbert I. Foskett, Mrs.
Presley L. Kepple, Mrs. David Munro, Mrs. Harry C. White, Mrs. Otto A.
Helming and Mrs. Clement F. Kimball.

Mrs. Guy Logan will introduce the guests to the receiving line.
The parlor hostesses will include Mrs. Herbert C. Ring, Mrs. Frederick
W. Eversmeyer, Mrs. Pleasant J. Mills, Mrs. John Agar, Mrs. Charles A.
Rawson and Mrs. William P. Brady. The tea tables will be presided over by
Mrs. John C. Voorhees, Mrs. W. S. Conkling, Mrs. Walter S. Brown and Mrs.
James C. Davis.

Assisting in the service of the tea will be the Misses Edythe Fletcher,
Minnie Fletcher, Irma Runyan, Coryal Shaffer and Ilia Carpenter.
The hour of 4 o'clock will bring an interesting musical programme with
Mrs. Grace Clarke-De Graff as the artist of the afternoon.


[Probably from a Society page of the Des Moines Register, unknown date]

One of the largest and most brilliant of the social functions tendered the
legislative ladies thus far was the at home given yesterday by the members
of the Political Equality club at the home of Mrs. F. A. Baylies on West
Grand avenue. During the afternoon hours some 250 guests called. Mrs.
Baylies was assisted in receiving by Mrs. George W. Clarke, Mrs. A. J.
McNeil, president of the club; Mrs. W. R. Durand, Miss Lottie E. Granger,
Mrs. George France, Mrs. Frank Shankland, Mrs. Geo. Hughes, Mrs. G. A.
Fairly, Mrs. Helen Dysart, Mrs. C. M. Welsh and Mrs. C. E. Keith. Mrs.
Jansen Haines introduced the guests.

Assisting in the parlors during the afternoon were Mrs. Jansen Haines, Mrs.
Pleasant J. Mills, Mrs. B. F. Longley, Mrs. M. Davies, Mrs. C. W. Kirk, Mrs.
J. C. Byram, Mrs. D. W. Baldwin, Mrs. E. T. Bleasdale, Mrs. George Richter.

During the afternoon a most delightful programme was enjoyed. Mrs. Zoe
Pearl Parks, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Myrtle Parks Harris, sang
charmingly several solos. Among them were "The Willow" and "Sky of Roses"
(Salter); "Over the Sea My Laddie Sails" (Worrell); "A Little Silver Ring"
(Chaminade); "Try Smilin'" (Grace Watson); "Mother's Eyes" (Bullard); "A
Wild Rose" and "Nothing But Love" (Bond).

Mrs. Peter Klinker, who is in the city for the legislative session, added
quite a novelty with whistling solos.


[Probably from a Society page of the Des Moines Register, unknown date]

Mrs. George W. Clarke was at home again this afternoon to the Legislative
Ladies' league and the Des Moines women at Hoyt Sherman Place. Mrs. Clarke
was assisted in receiving her guests by Mrs. A. B. Cummins, Mrs. S. F.
Prouty, Mrs. James R. Hanna, Mrs. J. B. McHose, Mrs. E. E. Lucas, Mrs.
Robert Fleming, Mrs. Roy W. Murray, Mrs. E. Taylor, Mrs. Fremont E.
Shortess, Mrs. Oliver O. Spotts, Mrs. Daniel C. Steelsmith, Mrs. William N.
Gilbert, Mrs. R. W. Anderson, Mrs. Sylvester C. Rees, Mrs. Lewis L. Bingham,
Mrs. William O. Coast, Mrs. James C. Craven, Mrs. Ross C. Gray, Mrs. John F.
Herman, Mrs. Frank F. Jones, Mrs. George H. Jackson, Mrs. Davis S. Fleck,
Mrs. Justin R. Doran, Mrs. James M. Wilson, Mrs. James W. Bailey, Mrs. John
F. Ream, Mrs. Herbert I. Foskett, Mrs. Presley L. Keppl [sic, previously
Kepple], Mrs. David Munro, Mrs. Harry C. White, Mrs. Otto A. Helming and
Mrs. Clement F. Kimball.

Mrs. Guy Logan introduced the guests to the receiving line.

Assisting as parlor hostesses during the afternoon were:

Mrs. Herber C. Ring, Mrs. Frederick W. Eversmeyer, Mrs. Pleasant J. Mills,
Mrs. John Agar, Mrs. Charles A. Rawson and Mrs. William P. Brady. The tea
tables were presided over by Mrs. John C. Voorhees, Mrs. W. S. Conkling,
Mrs. Walter S. Brown and Mrs. James C. Davis.

Assisting in the service of the tea were the Misses Edythe Fletcher, Minnie
Fletcher, Irma Runyan, Coryal Shaffer and Ilia Carpenter

The tea tables were beautifully decorated with pink and white sweet peas.

A feature of the afternoon was the musicale which came at the hour of 4.
Mrs. Grace Clarke De Graff, soprano, was the soloist of the afternoon, Mrs.
Roy Walker being accompanist. Mrs. De Graff sang a charming programme
opening with an aria from Gounod's opera, "Mireille," and following with a
group of songs by American composers.


[Probably from the Des Moines Register. The names are consistent with the
Thirty-Fifth General Assembly, which served 1913-1914.]


The Legislative Ladies' league met this morning and elected the following
officers: President, Mrs. George W. Clarke; first vice president, Mrs.
Frank Shankland; second vice president, Mrs. Hubert C. Ring; secretary, Mrs.
Henry Adams; treasurer, Mrs. L. A. Francis; official reporter, Mrs. W. S.

The board of directors includes Mrs. George Cosson, Mrs. Eli Perkins, Mrs.
James M. Wilson, Mrs. Clyde L. Anderson and Mrs. Justin Barry.

There will be a meeting of the board at 1 o'clock Friday at The Brown.


[Probably from the Des Moines Register, unknown date. The Iowa Thirty-Sixth
General Assembly convened in January 1915 and adjourned in April 1915.
Source: The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1915-1916, page 130. With
the members being elected for two-year terms it seems likely that this
Assembly also convened in 1916, but I was unable to confirm this.]


This evening the members of the Ladies Legislative League will preside over
an elaborate banquet which will honor the members of the Thirty-sixth
general assembly. The affair which will be one of the principle social
events of the legislative season will be given at the Silver tea room in the
Shops. From 6 until 7 o'clock a reception will be enjoyed, and at 7 o'clock
the banquet will be served, a programme of toasts and music following the

There will be no formal receiving line but a number of the members of the
league and their husbands will assist in introducing the guests. They will
include Gov. and Mrs. George W. Clarke, Attorney General and Mrs. George
Cosson, Senator and Mrs. George H. Jackson, Senator and Mrs. Frank E.
Thompson, Senator and Mrs. Chester W. Witmore [sic, Whitmore], Senator and
Mrs. Guy M. Gillette, Senator and Mrs. Frederick W. Eversmeyer,
Representative and Mrs. Herbert C. Ring, Representative and Mrs. Charles A.
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shankland, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adams, Mr. and Mrs.
Emory English.

Mrs. George W. Clarke as president of the Legislative Ladies League will
introduce the toastmistress, Mrs. W. D. Evans, who in turn will introduce
the toasters. Toasts on timely subjects will be given by Hon. William I.
Atkinson, speaker of the house; Mrs. John Hammill, Mrs. Clement F. Kimball,
Senator Thomas J. B. Robinson and Judge B. I. Salinger. Mrs. Peter Klinker
will give a whistling solo and Miss Jean Wilson will give a reading and
there will also be a musical programme by local artists.

Among those who have had the banquet under their charge are Mrs. George
Cosson, chairman of the programme committee; Mrs. J. M. Wilson, chairman of
the committee on general arrangements and Mrs. William F. Moore chairman of
the invitation committee.

[Unknown date; probably from the Des Moines Register social section.]

A leading affair of the week's social calendar will be the reception
tendered by Mrs. George W. Clarke as a courtesy to the legislative ladies.
Mrs. Clarke has planned her series of at homes to be given on alternating
Wednesdays at Hoyt Sherman Place, that the legislative ladies and the ladies
of Des Moines may meet and become acquainted. The at homes are similar to
the ones held two years ago by Mrs. Clarke at the Hotel Savery, and the same
cordial invitation to attend is extended by the hostess to the townspeople
and the visiting guests.

Mrs. Clarke will be assisted Wednesday in receiving by Miss Flora Dunlap,
Mrs. J. G. Grundy, Mrs. B. F. Carroll, Mrs. Warren Garst, Mrs. W. S. Allen,
Mrs. W. C. Brown, Mrs. Frank S. Shaw, Mrs. George Cosson, Mrs. William D.
Evans, Mrs. Frank R. Gaynor, Mrs. Benjamin I. Salinger and Mrs. Benjamin F.

The parlor assistants will include Mrs. G. D. Ellyson, Mrs. Ernest Brown,
Mrs. Thomas J. B. Robinson and Mrs. Addison Parker.

Mrs. Guy Logan will introduce the guests to the receiving line at each of
the homes throughout the series.

Mrs. J. K. Macomber, Mrs. H. C. Potter, Mrs. Howard Clark and Mrs. Leslie
Francis will preside over the tea table.

Miss Bernice Brown, Miss Bertha Macomber, Miss Helen Kurtz and Miss
Annabelle Wallace will assist in serving the tea.

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